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Laboratory Twin Screw Extruder Sale

Our KTE-20 Laboratory twin screw extruder is designed for lab use, output 2-10kg per hour.

  • Superior quality with good price;
  • PLC control, easy operation;
  • Low noise and little space request;
  • Suitable for most materials;
  • Turn-key solution for you.

Twin Screw Extruder For Lab

Our KTE-20 Laboratory twin screw extruder is designed for lab use, output 2-15kg per hour. It has same function like big extruder, you can make sample testing use this extruder. Our this lab extruder has many advantages than others like good price, easy operation, low noise, little space need. We sell more than 50 sets each year for this lab extruder. We also can provide lab injection molding machine, lab blow film machine, two roll mill, lab hydraulic press etc. 

Advantages of Our Laboratory Twin Screw Extruder

  1. Superior quality with good price;
  2. PLC control, easy operation;
  3. Low noise and little space request;
  4. Suitable for most materials;
  5. Turn-key solution for you.

Main Technical Parameters

ModelDia .mmRPML/DMotor kwOutput Capacity kg/hr

Wons Customers By superior Quality

  1. KERKE has over 11 years experience in compounding extruder;
  2. We produce core parts like screw elements, barrels by ourself;
  3. Our team are professional to ensure quality and service;
  4. Our extruders have been sold more than 60 countries.

Our Extruder Is Enough For You

  1. You should know that, Europe extruder quality is better than China, because of the steel level. If you can pay 5 times price, you can buy Europe brand;
  2. If your application is normal filler masterbatch, color masterbatch, engineering plastics, PET f lakes recycling etc. China extruder is enough for you. Will be no any problem;
  3. Kerke just provides high cost-effective extruder to you, not the highest, neither the lowest, but the more suitable for your business.

We Supply Good Extruder With Reasonable Price

  1. Extruder Price determines your end product production costper ton, Good price, better competitive advantage;
  2. Kerke extruder price can make you earn back equipmentinvestment in 2-3 months;
  3. We do not sell the cheapest extruder, just good qualityextruder at good price;
  4. You should care about the cheap extruder supplier, there areonly 2 reasons: 1. their quality is so bad with that so cheapprice; 2. That supplier does not have profit at so cheap price, can you imagine a supplier sell extruder with no profit? Howcan they promise the quality and service? I believe ourcustomers are smart, can not be cheated.

Service - Back Support For Your Business

  1. When you bought good extruder at good price, after-sale servicemeans more for your business success;
  2. Kerke can provide 7x24 hours a week after-sale service, wepromise you get our support in 2 hours;
  3. We can post you the spare parts you need in 24 hours;
  4. Kerke support team located more than 5 countries, China, Iran, Turkey, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mexico etc;
  5. Kerke service even including market analysis, project feasibilityanalysis, formula guide, competitor investigation etc;
  6. Your business success need a good partner - Kerke.